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About Us

Tribe Universe is the biggest online fan community of 'The Tribe' to this date, containing the full list of cast interviews, profiles, fan chat transcripts, an extensive fan fiction and art & graphics section. The amount of members on the website varies between 150 and 300, with over 1000 different topics on the forum known as Paradise.

Tribe Universe has expanded into several social media networks and can also be found on facebook and tumblr. Currently, the staff consists of 5 administrators, and 2 moderators, and the website has two co-owners - The Wizard and Trudy.

The Wizard owns, and runs a Toy Shop in real life, and does the coding of the site. Trudy is the Manager, and handles the day to day operations of Tribe Universe. Together they make a great team!

Tribe Universe celebrates its birth date on November 11, 2010, when the website had the last big server move and got the new name and url On August 31st 2011, Tribe Universe opened its latest version nicknamed 'Paradise' to all members. Prior to that, the websites predecessor had been around since August 2006, known as Outkast Tribe.

Version 9.0 of Tribe Universe was launched on August 1, 2014
Version 9.1 of Tribe Universe was launched on November 28, 2014