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Bray Jr

Written By: Ann
Images By: Ann

Bray Jr 1 Baby Bray, named after his father, was born to Amber at the start of the fourth series of the Tribe. It was a particularly bad time to be born with the Technos invading, and his parents being banished from the city. As his mother went into labor, his dad led them to a barn so she could safely give birth. The Technos came and kidnapped his father. His cousin Brady's mother found the barn, and helped Amber finish the delivery. Together with Brady, her mother Trudy, and his mother they went to live with his mother's old tribe, The Ecos.

They lived with the Eco Tribe for a short time until his mother and Trudy, and Brady are drawn back to the city, re-joining the Mall Rats. Once, in series five, Mega, realizing how important Amber was picked Bray Jr. up out of his crib, and ambiguously threatened him. It was a plot device used to manipulate his mother into doing something for Mega that she would rather not. Bray Jr. along with the remaining members of his tribe evacuate the city on a boat at the end of series five. Bray Jr 2

Bray Jr's Style:

Written By: Ann

Bray Jr Style 1 Baby Bray's style reflects that of an infant. He had chubby cheeks, blond hair that was in something of a faux hawk by the shows end, and blue eyes. He could sometimes be seen in a hooded, green-striped jacket. He also had a pair of overalls that were orange with a design that used other colors paired with a colorful Aztec-style, long-sleeved shirt underneath.


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Images by Patch.

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