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Written By: Ann
Images By: Ann

Charlie 1 Charlie is the seemingly timid, older brother of Mouse. They came to the Mall together in Series four, and are mostly cared for by Salene, even though they don't talk and are full of mischief. It's not until a depressed Ellie is about to jump from the roof that Charlie first speaks, the word being 'eat' which draws her away from the ledge. Even after revealing they can talk, he, and his sister are reluctant to tell the Mall Rats their real names, presumably because they had been slaves before. Salene, in hopes they will give their real names, gives them names she knows they will dislike.

Along with his sister, Charlie tries to be instrumental in getting Pride and Salene together. They rip a shirt of Pride's and ask Salene to mend it and she'll only comply if she learns their real names. It's a deal Charlie gives in to, despite Mouse's protests. As soon as he starts to open up to the Mall Rats and begins to feel at home with them, Charlie disappears. His disappearance is presumed to be the fault of the Technos. Charlie 2

Charlie's Style:

Written By: Ann

Charlie Style 1 Charlie's style is a bit wild. He has brown eyes and black hair with feathers and some yellow or blond added at the front of one side. He wears a hooded, black jacket with geometric patterning and a yellow lining. He cuffs the sleeves of his blue shirt that consists of an American flag motif. This shirt is accompanied by gray and red pants. He also wears a belt in addition to black and white suspenders that cross at the front of his chest. His trainers are black with red soles. And, his make-up consists of a yellow stripe down the length of his nose and three, red-orange stripes: one under his left eye and two under his right.


The Tribe Universe Tribe Characters was compiled & created from October 2014 to April 2015. The Software for the Tribe Universe Tribe Characters was written by Bill Nilan (The Wizard).

Profile, and Style Writters:

Ann, Amber, Catharina "Cath85", Danni, Guardians Girl, Haholic, Inci, Nellallen, Pippa, Sammy, Trudy, Wizard

Images by Patch.

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