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Written By: Danni
Images By: Ann

Danni 1 Danni first appears in series two, episode one, when Bray is trying to find out further information about the virus. She has been living in her father's apartment, located in one of the Government buildings. Originally the other members of the Mallrats see Danni as an outsider, but after a while she manages to gain their trust. It is eventually revealed, through Jack and Ellie's research that Danni's father was one of the scientists responsible for creating the virus. Although Danni blames herself for her father's mistakes, the other members of the Mallrats forgive her and accept her as one of their own.

During her time at the mall Danni strives to bring peace and order to the tribe and other tribes in the city, founding the Bill Of Rights in the process. With the help of Bray she bands together with the other city Tribal Leaders to bring order to the chaos of the city. However, with the Chosen closing in things don't go to plan. Danni is taken, along with the other city leaders, but the Mallrats manage to get her back. The Chosen try to escape, and the Mallrats chase them to the beach to prevent them from escaping with Trudy and Brady, but they are outnumbered. Danni 2

Danni 3 There is a fight and the Mallrats are soon prisoners. Danni stands up to fight the Guardian, but is hit/knocked out by members of the Chosen. At the beginning of series three, after the Chosen have invaded, Danni is never seen again. Many believe that the Tribe leaders are kept apart from the others and this is where Danni is, but the Guardian makes it clear that Danni is no longer alive when he tells Bray that his vision has 'cost him the lives of the two women he loved.'

Danni's Style:

Written By: Danni

Danni Style 1 Danni's whole outfit follows a one colour pattern, which is very unusual in The Tribe. The first time we meet her she is wearing pale top and trousers with feathers in her hair. Feathers are used frequently to compliment her outfit and add colour. At the beginning of the series we see her in multiple outfits that follow this pattern, she regularly wears a white, long sleeve top and white trousers. Around half way through series two, following her trial, she moves into a red and grey outfit with additional tattoos. By the end of series two she is in a black ensemble, although she continues to wear coloured feathers in her hair.


The Tribe Universe Tribe Characters was compiled & created from October 2014 to April 2015. The Software for the Tribe Universe Tribe Characters was written by Bill Nilan (The Wizard).

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