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Written By: Nellallen, Wizard, and Haholic
Images By: Nellallen

Jay 1 Jay is first seen in series four, episode one, taking his Techno mask off after parachuting out of a plane. The Technos are invading the city, and Jay is the General running the show. After taking over the city, and rounding up anybody who is a threat to the Technos he sets up the techno base in a giant stadium. While Ram and his team of computer specialists work on their projects Jay looks after security making sure everything is going to plan. Jay rose through the Techno ranks because of his brilliant strategies, and practical thinking. He has a younger brother Ved who, is also a Techno.

Jay hopes the Technos can use their skills to build a better world. Things are bumpy at first with some tribes against the power coming back on, but after a few days with power things start to settle down as the Technos bring back water to the city. Ved mysteriously disappears, leaving Jay concerned and worried until he later discovers Ram deleted him. Pre Technos - Jay suffered the loss of his girlfriend and soulmate when she developed a severe infection and he was unable to help her due to the lack of doctors and antibiotics and vowed to make the world a better place so no one goes through the heartbreak he suffered. Jay 2

Jay 3 Ram made a promise to Jay that if he helped him, he would bring back hospital's and schools to the city. But he went back on his promise as soon as he got what he wanted. When things don't go to plan with the Techno's Jay chooses to leave the city, with Ebony, who he had since formed a relationship with, and was hopping for a fresh start. Ram is outraged at Jays defection and sets up Jay to be the target in a real game of red and blue. While hiding in the bush Jay is woken to the sounds of rustling through the trees, where to his surprise, it was Amber and Trudy with the Eco Tribe.

After listening to Amber's encouragement, Jay returns to the city, with Amber and Ebony. Jay helps bring Ram down, where Ebony starts to feel insecure by Amber, this brings Jay to his decision of leaving Ebony. Jay later kisses Amber who soon pulls away remembering what he did to her son's dad. Jay tries encouraging Amber that he is not like the other Technos. Jay soon forms a relationship with Trudy, this relationship doesn't last long, as his heart is still with Amber, he eventually gets to be with Amber. Jay makes it just in time to board the boat. jay 4

Jay's Style:

Written By: Nellallen, Wizard, and Haholic

Jay Style 1 Jay only had one outfit throughout the series. A black top with a red and silver zipper at the front. His top also had a black and silver patch across, the chest. He wore black pants which included a black belt that has a silver and red buckle, which was made out of a car seatbelt. Jay wore a set of headphones and a wristband with a zapper on it. On his forehead he had the red circle with a black T inside to symbolise the Technos, and three red curves on both sides of his face to symbolize his rank within the Technos.


The Tribe Universe Tribe Characters was compiled & created from October 2014 to April 2015. The Software for the Tribe Universe Tribe Characters was written by Bill Nilan (The Wizard).

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Ann, Amber, Catharina "Cath85", Danni, Guardians Girl, Haholic, Inci, Nellallen, Pippa, Sammy, Trudy, Wizard

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