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Written By: Unknown updated/rewritten by Wizard
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Lex 1 Lex first appears in series one episode one, and is an original member of the Mall Rats. An arrogant, tough street-fighter, Lex is a seemingly heartless character. He bullies anyone younger or weaker than him, and is not disinclined to use physical force to get what he wants. Very sexually driven, he seems to have an insatiable appetite for, as Ebony states, 'everything female with a pulse'. He indeed has 'tried his luck' with around every main female character appearing in the show, sometimes even while he still has another girlfriend.

At the age of seventeen, he has married and lost both his wife Zandra and his unborn baby to an explosion. In his grief he starts to drink, and struggles with alcohol abuse in series two. He meets May for one night when he is away, who later stays with the Mall Rats, but gets taken away for a time by the Technos in series four. Despite his macho attitude, he has, locked away and safely guarded, many insecurities that stem both from his background (his father is said to have been an alcoholic) and his lack of education - he is illiterate, and never exceeds an elementary reading level even though he tries to improve his skills more than once. Lex 2

Lex 3 He gets married to Tai-San, his second wife, who, despite their problems together, always make up. In series three, Tai-San is taken captive by the Chosen and soon becomes Supreme Mother to overthrow the Chosen, but Lex is unconvinced. They are separated when the Technos come. When Tai-San comes back for a short while, Lex becomes very confused because he has already got a new girlfriend, Siva. Lex always seeks profit for himself, even if it means betraying his tribe. It is not surprising then that he never fully earns the trust of the Mall Rats.

Lex is frequently condescending to his one loyal friend, Ryan (who is sent to the mines after the Chosen invade), and treats his girlfriends badly, cheating on them. However, he has also saved the Mall Rat's lives on more than one occasion and has been a key figure in all resistance movements. Protective of those he loves, he is usually willing to fight and stand up for his tribe. A deeply flawed, and at times even abhorrent character, he nevertheless somehow manages to end up someplace good with his charm, street-wisdom and, every once in a while, the decision to do something not only for his own sake. Lex 4

Lex 5 He becomes Sheriff of the city for a while until Dee takes his place. In series five, Lex briefly encounters Tai-San, who disappears without a trace almost straight away. She appears to have become a Techno, and she helps out Mega in his decision to beat Ram, but also tries to help out her fellow Mall Rats by bringing Brady back to Trudy, so it is not known whose side she was on. Lex goes in search of her, and stumbles across Liberty, where he finds Ram. Slade holds him as a prisoner for a short period of time in fear that he would return to the city and tell of Ram's whereabouts, but soon Lex is free again, and decides to stay in Liberty.

He then becomes a member of the rebels and helps take Mega down. At the end of the series, Lex flees the city on a boat with the other Mall Rats, after a new virus is released. Lex has starred in the most episodes, two hundred and fifty eight out of two hundred and sixty. The episodes he is absent from is the flashback episode two hundred and fourteen which detailed Bray, Trudy, Ebony and Zoot's past together before the virus, and the episode after Ryan kicked him out of the mall, also during series two. Lex 6

Lex's Style:

Written By: Nellallen

Lex Style 1 Lex's series one outfit consists of a black singlet that he later changes to a white one with a yellow cross patched on the front. A yellow and green heavy jacket with a zipper that does up at the front. The pants are brown with a colourful pattern. His trench coat is a light olive green. Lex's makeup is the same as Ryan's a black stretched triangle forming down from his eyes. He wears a necklace made up of computer cables.

Lex's series two outfit is a jacket that is red on one side and black on the other. The black side has a red cross on the arm. The red side has a black cross on the arm. This jacket does up at the front, with tiny little silver belts. The arms of the jacket are joined on with string and tied together. Lex wears a pair of black long pants with yellow and white patches on both sides of the legs, these are done in a diamond shape. He has a yellow circle that is a patch near the side of both knees. A black belt with a silver buckle completes this outfit. Lex Style 2

Lex Style 3 Lex's series three outfit is a black T shirt with a blue leather jacket that has a zipper at the front. The jacket has a diagonal pocket on the chest. He also wears a grey pair of pants that have two yellow patches on them next to his knees in the form of a circle. The outside side of the pants also have splits up to the knees and are tied together with more string. Big black boots are worn with this outfit.

Lex's series four outfit is a black long sleeve top that is outlined in red. He wears a silver and red star badge on his chest resembling that he is the Sheriff. He wears a pair long black leather pants that have faded grey patches at the side top of each leg. These are worn with a black belt, and a silver and red buckle to match the star badge. Lex also wears a long shiny black leather coat with this outfit that is matched with a black circle hat. Lex Style 4

Lex Style 5 Lex's series five outfit is a black top with a dotted pattern around the neckline. A dark grey outlined of a diamond shaped pattern is blended into the black material. Lex also wears a leather black vest jacket with this outfit. It has a faded red patch that sits over his shoulder and continues to the back of the jacket. The jacket has two splits on the front that have also been patched together with sting, the jacket also does up at the front with a black zipper. Lex wears long black pants with this outfit as well as a black belt and a silver buckle.


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