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Written By: Nellallen and Wizard
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Pride 1 Pride is first seen in series three, episode one as the mysterious stranger. Ebony and Lex go on a hunt for Pride, the man that has been stalking them, only to end up trapped themselves. They all end up talking and learn that Pride is a member of the Gaian tribe, and about the leader of Pride's tribe, a woman named Eagle. On the beach the Chosen prepare to burn Bray alive, but Pride comes in time to rescue Bray. Ebony, Bray, Lex, and Dal meet with Pride in the woods. Bray recognizes the ring that Pride has around his neck as Amber's, and Pride tells the others that the leader of his tribe, Eagle, used to be called Amber as well.

Pride leads them to the Gaian tribe, where they meet his Leader Eagle. It turns out that Eagle is in reality Amber. It's explained that Ebony tricked her into believing that she and Bray had a baby together and conveniently told the rest of the tribe that Amber was dead once she lost consciousness on Eagle Mountain, making sure no one found her. Amber is later discovered by Pride and brought to his tribe the Gaians where she becomes their leader. Bray asks Amber to help out her old friends, but she can't do much because every decision is made by the entire Gaian tribe. Pride 2

Pride 3 Lex doesn't believe that the Gaians know how to fight so he challenges Pride to a fight and ends up losing. Ebony persuades Lex to leave camp early with her. Left behind, Bray and Dal prepare to return to the city after Amber tells them that the Gaians decided not to join the fight against the Chosen. Later Bray and Dal are surprised when, on their way to the city, the Gaians decide to join them. The free mall rats with the Gaians set up rebel headquarters in an old school building. Bray starts having doubts about Amber's and Pride's friendship, and Bray questions Pride about his relationship with Amber. Pride is sent out on a search mission.

The rebels attack the mall, but fail to kill the Guardian and fall back to rebel headquarters. Pride teaches Dal about plants, while the others are busy with planning the next attack. Pride admits to Bray that it's obvious Amber loves him. The Guardian decides to sacrifice Trudy so she can be with Zoot. Luke lets Trudy escape with Bray and Pride. Bray gets Pride to take Trudy to Amber putting her out of harm's way. Pride encounters two kids, Andy and Tally, on his way back to the city and helps them sort out poisonous berries, only to end up in a trap orchestrated by Andy, Tally and Ned. Pride 4

Pride 5 They try to rob him only to learn he has nothing valuable. Pride realizes that both Ned and his siblings are eating food behind each other's backs. Ned wants to sell Pride to the Chosen. His plan backfires and they all end up slaves to the Chosen. The Chosen take them to the Mall where Pride asks May to keep quiet about his work for the rebels. Later May informs the rebels that Pride is in the Mall. Pride advises Tai-San not to get involved with the enemy. May is frustrated by the fact that Pride never stands up for himself in front of Ned. Ned is suspicious of May and Pride. Pride finally stands up for himself in front of Ned.

May is disappointed when Pride seems to be showing no affection for her. Pride asks Tai-San to work with him and the rebels. They plan there next move. Tai-San distracts Salene while Pride and May kidnap Brady. Pride and May bring Brady to Lex, Ebony and Bray. Lex breathes easily when Pride informs him that Tai-San is alive and well. Bray thinks there's something going on between Amber and Pride. May can't hide her feelings for Pride, while Ebony seems to be all over him. Pride tells Bray that he never slept with Amber. May interrupts Ebony's flirting with Pride. Later May kisses Pride before going into the fight. Pride 6

Pride 7 Bray poses as Zoot to confuse the Guardian, who turns into a lunatic after Seeing Bray as Zoot. Tai-San helps prevent the bomb from going off. The Guardian is locked up, and the Mall Rat's celebrate their victory over the enemy. May is sad over the fact that Pride intends to return to the forest now that the battle with the Chosen is over. Pride tries to talk to May, but she is to hurt to listen. Pride asks Amber to return to the Eco tribe, but she decides to stay in the Mall. The Mall Rats are worried when Amber and Trudy don't show up at dinner.

They immediately start searching for them. May makes an observation, but Pride claims he has no idea where the girls might be. Bray goes out after Pride. Moz wants Bray and Pride to surrender the Guardian. Ned brings a ransom note that was found near the Mall, with someone requesting to exchange Amber and Trudy for the Guardian. Lex, Bray and Pride storm into the Mozquito headquarters in an attempt to find Amber and Trudy, only to learn that they aren't there, leaving Moz angry. Bray thinks that handing the Guardian over to the kidnappers would be something that Amber would not approve of. Pride 8

Pride 9 Pride is surprised that Bray isn't ready to give the Guardian away since both Amber and the baby are in danger. Pride is worried as Bray explains that he will disguise himself as the Guardian in order to confuse the kidnapper. The Mall Rat's leave to get Amber and Trudy and they trap the Mozquitos thinking they're the kidnappers, only to learn they have no idea of what is going on. Pride feels like a fool for going along with Bray's plan. Pride confronts Bray about his failed plan and they end up in a fight. Salene confronts Pride about messing with Bray, and May jumps to Pride's defense.

Pride questions Ned about his whereabouts during the kidnapping of Amber and Trudy, but Ebony comes to Ned's rescue. Pride tells KC that the horse he bought isn't good because it won't let anyone ride it. The Mall Rats are worried about Bray now that he has gone missing. Pride and Lex go searching at the casino, while Ebony goes to see Moz and tries to strike a secret deal with her. Pride accepts Lex's offer to be his deputy. Pride catches Ned trying to sneak off with food that Ned wanted to use to feed Amber and Trudy with, but Ned lies and says that it was a secret picnic for Alice. Pride 10

Pride 11 May thinks Pride is trying to win over Ellie. After finding out this is not true May apologizes to Pride, and they kiss. Bray is surprised by Ebony's change of heart when she asks him to make peace with Pride. Lex asks Luke for more coins to give to his deputies. Bray and Pride find common ground. Pride reveals to Bray that Ned is a suspect in the kidnapping's. Pride asks May to keep their relationship a secret for a while. Alice doesn't appreciate it when Pride tells her that Ned is a suspect. The Mozzies find Ned's dead body and bring it back to the Mall. Ebony saves Amber and Trudy from the Guardian. Alice is shocked to learn that Ned was the kidnapper all along.

Ebony returns to her hotel and begins acting like a queen all over again. She gives Lex and Pride the job to locate the Guardian. Amber is happy that Pride and May are a couple. Lex and Pride find Andy and Tally trying to sell KC's necklace. May attempts to make Pride jealous, but only ends up getting hurt. Amber encourages Pride to go after May. Pride and May reunite, but Pride still isn't sure of his feelings. Pride 12

Pride 13 The Techno's show up in the city, and Pride, comes to see the Techno's as evil and does everything in his power to stop them. Pride had a relationship with May, until she was kidnapped by the Techno's in the invasion. He soon forms another relationship with Salene, who is also later kidnapped, by Wizard and Stats. They want to trade Salene for Ram. Pride goes searching for Salene. May tracks down Wizard and Stats and wants them to eliminate Salene. Pride overhears their conversation and in a rage runs at Wizard who kills Pride. May cries as Pride makes her promise that she will tell Salene that he loved her.

Pride's Style:

Written By: Nellallen

Pride Style 1 Outfit One:

Pride wore a long sleeve shirt that was black/grey in color. His pants were an army style black and grey, and his boots were also black. He also wore a black trench coat, which passed below his knees. Prides hair was long and passed his shoulders, with a little blue feather in it. His face paint was green, on the right side of his cheek, and he had the same two blue lines on his left cheek as Amber.

Outfit Two:

Was a grey short-sleeved shirt, with light coloured buttons going up the front, a black belt, and he continued to wear the army pants. His jacket was blue with a hood of white wool on the inside. It had a zipper at the front. His hair was shorter with this outfit and, had a white and brown bead in it as well as the tiny blue feather.
Pride Style 2


The Tribe Universe Tribe Characters was compiled & created from October 2014 to April 2015. The Software for the Tribe Universe Tribe Characters was written by Bill Nilan (The Wizard).

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