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Written By: Unknown, Wizard and Nellallen
Images By: Nellallen

Ruby 1 Ruby first appears in series five episode one of The Tribe throwing, a man out of her Saloon in Liberty. She is independent, quick-witted, humorous, inventive, shrewd and resourceful. She has a whiplash turn of phrase that can cut any fool down to size. However, if that does not work she's not afraid to back up an argument with her fist. Cross Ruby at your peril. She also has the tenacity of a terrier and a strong sense of 'right'. She loves language and her cryptic lateral thinking mind has developed a love for crossword puzzles.

At one point Ruby learns from Siva that Rams power comes from computers. So Ruby tries to smash Ram's computer, but is fooled by Ram. Who tells her he is working on cure for Slade's disease, while instead Ram was working on a cyber child to help bring Mega down back at the city. Later Ruby catches Lottie stealing, and instead of throwing her out decides to let Lottie stay. Eventually Ruby becomes a mother figure for Lottie. The rebels win the fight against Mega and, Ruby and Lottie leave Liberty to the Mall Rats. Ruby 2

Ruby 3 Although Ruby is certainly resourceful and capable, for all that confidence she still has a vulnerability and is sensitive to other people's needs as well as to her own. Ruby falls in love with Slade, and is angry when he chooses to be with Ebony over her. At the end of season five, she thinks she is pregnant. Ebony, scared that Slade will leave her, pushes Ruby in front of a moving truck. She is shocked to discover that Ruby was never pregnant. Luckily Ruby survives unharmed, and leaves on the boat with the rest of The Mall Rats.

Ruby's Style:

Written By: Danni

Ruby Style 1 Ruby has a funky, yet groomed feminine appearance. Her top is floral, in multiple colours, it is fitted in a bodice style with a zip down the front. The back is longer than the front, displaying her midriff. Extra sleeves are attached by metal rings. The trousers she wears sit on her hips, and are 3/4 length, stopping just below the knee in a slight flare. They are blue and mustard colour. Over this, she wears a half skirt, which is worn to one side. It has a unique design, which looks similar to eyes fitted together. There is a large waistband, which is done up at the side with a large buckle.

The skirt matches the blue and brown of her trousers. Over this, she wears a dark denim jacket, which is fitted, but flares out at the bottom. It has a blue zip and the waistband of the jacket stands out as it has a different cut. Holes have been cut in the body and arms of the jacket, and the frayed white of the denim is visible. Ruby wears knee high cream leather boots, which have a square toe and no heel. Ruby Style 2

Ruby Style 3 She wears a cream cuff on her left wrist, decorated with safety pins which have been threaded with pink beads and pearls. Her necklace follows a similar design, a silver chain has been threaded with same-facing safety pins all threaded with a white pearl. Her silver earrings have also been designed with pearls and safety pins


The Tribe Universe Tribe Characters was compiled & created from October 2014 to April 2015. The Software for the Tribe Universe Tribe Characters was written by Bill Nilan (The Wizard).

Profile, and Style Writters:

Ann, Amber, Catharina "Cath85", Danni, Guardians Girl, Haholic, Inci, Nellallen, Pippa, Sammy, Trudy, Wizard

Images by Patch.

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