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Written By: Nellallen, and Unknown updated/rewritten by Wizard
Images By: Lottie

Salene 1 Salene is an original member of the Mall Rats on 'The Tribe'. She appears in series one episode one. At the beginning, Salene arrives with Cloe, Patsy and Paul at the Mall. There, she falls in love with Bray, and they even kiss each other, but Bray finally chooses Amber. Salene suffers from depression, and self-esteem issues which result in bulimia. Only by turning to Trudy and Ryan does she eventually overcome this. Salene finds love with Ryan, becomes pregnant, and marries him. In series three the Chosen have taken over the city, and Salene lives in fear that she might lose her baby because the Mall Rat's get very little to eat.

For this reason, Salene is convinced by May that it is best for her and the baby to become a member of the Chosen. Though she originally joined the Chosen in order to get food, Salene becomes confused by their propaganda and when asked, frequently says she does not know what to think. Alice becomes particularly angry about Salene's status as a Chosen and they have an argument. Salene then walks away from Alice and falls down some stairs losing her baby. Meanwhile, Ryan is taken away. Very unhappy and confused, Salene falls in love with the Luke, but he rejects her for Ellie. Salene 2

Salene 3 After the Chosen are defeated, Salene becomes lost, and attempts to jump off the roof of the mall until Trudy, Bray, Tally and Brady talk her out of it. She has problems trusting people after what the Chosen did to her. KC trades for a horse, and taking care of the horse helps Salene regain some strength. Salene hears that Ryan is alive and well and is given his location. She sets off to find him, and is unsuccessful. When Salene comes back to the Mall, she tells the others about what happened to her out there. She has become a strong woman. After Bray's abduction, Salene becomes the leader of the Mall Rats.

She tries to stop people from being influenced by the Techno's. Salene eventually becomes the leader of the city, although she has to bow down to Ram. Salene falls in love with Pride and they develop a relationship together, which ends when he is killed by a Techno. Salene reveals to May that Pride proposed to her. During series five Salene is so depressed about Pride's death she becomes addicted to alcohol. After she runs into trouble May finds her, and helps her get back to health. They become good friends. At the end of series five, she goes away with the other Mall Rats, to escape the virus mark II. Salene 4

Salene's Style:

Written By: Nellallen

Salene Style 1 Salene is first seen wearing a grey top with a split halfway down the middle, and a grey short cardigan. A dark red jacket with a grey fluffy collar, this jacket does up at the front with a zipper. She also wears a pair of light blue jeans with this outfit.

Salene's series two outfit is a pink short top made of soft silk material, which is worn with a black skirt that hangs past the knees. She has green fern leaves that wrap around her upper right arm. This outfit also contains a black ribbon worn around the neck, which is tied behind leaving some ribbon hanging down at the back. Her make up contains a dark pink tribal symbol on her chest, and on her forehead she has three sequins that form in a line just above her nose. Salene Style 2

Salene Style 3 Salene's series three outfit is a simple grey see through top, and another creamy pattern top underneath. A pair of long leather black pants complete this outfit, although she is later seen to be wearing a yellow coat to allow the Chosen to look after her and the unborn baby.

Salene series four outfit is a long sleeve red top that is outlined around the edge with black that forms into a piece that she wears around her neck over the top. Next is a brown leather top, with a golden zipper that does up at the front and a buckle that fasteners it on the shoulders. Lastly, Salene also wears a pair of red shiny leather pants with a black skirt, which is worn over the top of the pants. The skirt has dark brown buckles that do up at the sides. Salene Style 4

Salene Style 5 Salene series five outfit is a green and blue mixed pattern long sleeve top. It is patched with a dark blue and white, stripped material, and dark red and grey thick striped trench coat is worn with this outfit along with long black pants. To accent this outfit she has a gold chain necklace with mixed coloured beads.


The Tribe Universe Tribe Characters was compiled & created from October 2014 to April 2015. The Software for the Tribe Universe Tribe Characters was written by Bill Nilan (The Wizard).

Profile, and Style Writters:

Ann, Amber, Catharina "Cath85", Danni, Guardians Girl, Haholic, Inci, Nellallen, Pippa, Sammy, Trudy, Wizard

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