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Written By: Pippa and updated/rewritten by Wizard
Images By: Darcie

Spike 1 Spike started in the Loco tribe, which was lead by Zoot. Spike was one of the most highly ranked members of the Loco's, who worked his way up through his daring and cunning. Spike took his orders from Ebony, Zoot's woman. When Zoot died and Ebony took over, Spike thought he was in with a chance. However, nothing came of it. He directed missions and movements and was very good at it. Responsible for the discipline of the Loco's Spike would beat up a member if they failed on a mission. Or report back to Ebony. Spike was respected by the Locos for his strength and leadership qualities, outside the tribe he was feared.

Spike was often seen rollerblading down the streets with the Loco's or on the back of the police car, protecting the Loco's territory. Spike is not very intelligent or a great thinker, but he makes it all up with strength and brutality. He will stop at nothing to get what needs to be done. Despite loyalty to Zoot, Spike has his own ambitions and desires. His main goal was to displace Ebony and become leader of the Loco's. Spike knew that he would be a better leader, but he had to be careful of Ebony. He had to wait and choose his moment. His chance came when Ebony left the Loco's to join the mall rats quest to Eagle mountain. Spike 2

Spike 3 Spike's story does not end here because although he was off screen for a while he soon came back when the mall rats ran out of the antidote. Spike was told to come back the next day, but he could not wait that long. He got together some of his men and planned to charge the mall. Spike ran in without thinking and, hit Bob the dog with a baseball bat. His group of men get hold of Chloe, Patsy, and Salene. He had nothing to lose, as he was dying from the virus and did not care who he took with him!

Ebony walks down the steps giving him a lecture about how he has 'Put his foot on the gas without getting into gear' Ebony then offers him a deal - he and his men provide their muscle and they get the antidote. Spike and his men become the 'Militia'. Spike follows Ebony around the mall, holds her punching bag and basically is at her beg and call to do as she wishes. This goes as planned until Ebony's plan to topple Tai-san fails and she needed someone to pin it on. During Danni's trail Spike was meant to get the jury to find her guilty of the Tai-san mystery. Spike 4

Spike 5 However, it back fires. Ebony forces Spike to write a letter saying that he tried to kill Tai-san and that he did it for Ebony and that he had left because of it. Spike was fuming about this and planned his revenge on Ebony. KC had overheard Spike talking to some guys on how Ebony had set him up. So like a good little messenger KC tells Ebony who goes, alone, to find Spike. The only problem is that Spike was not alone, and so he captured Ebony. Spike begins to torture Ebony. All she has to do is beg, then he would have let her go. He tried confining her, Spiders, and nothing worked. His men got bored and wanted to leave.

So Spike chained Ebony to a pole in a cupboard tapped up her mouth then left. This is the last we see of Spike for a while. Later Spike was found floating in Ebony's pool. The Chosen had murdered Spike, and tried to pin the murder on Ebony. Spike 6

Spike's Style:

Written By: Pippa

Spike Style 1 Spike has a fashion, which is shared by all the Loco's. He has a helmet with wire spikes coming out of it. He has some kind of body armour. He has four small red stripes and a red square painted on each side of his face.


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