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Written By: Danni
Images By: Nellallen

Tai-San 1 We first meet Tai-San in series one episode fifteen when she helps Cloe who had fallen and twisted her ankle after being chased out of the city by the Locos. Tai-San keeps them hidden and prevents Cloe's capture. She treats Cloe's ankle with herbs and then helps her find her way back to the mall. Tai-San is very secretive and doesn't reveal much about her past. She demonstrates that she is very spiritual, her explanation for traveling alone is that she is 'seeking the truth,' and won't stop until she finds it. It is Tai-San who suggests the Tribe restore their pride by taking a name, Lex suggests 'rats' and so the 'Mall Rats' are born.

At times her spirituality causes more rifts than it solves, she is very set in her ways, and will not stray from the spiritual path she believes she is from. Initially Amber and Tai-San get along, and Amber welcomes her to the mall. Lex is more skeptical at first and their relationship is difficult. However, Amber begins to find Tai-Sans spirituality weird and their relationship sours slightly. It is at Tai-Sans suggestion that Lex and Zandra get married, to give Lex release and Zandra security. When they fall out Tai-San seduces Lex, claiming it is to realign his chakras, relieve his frustration and make him a better warrior. Tai-San 2

Tai-San 3 Tai-San is a new age guru and believes her views are correct above all others, she strongly believes that her powers can alter the lives around her. As season one progresses her spirituality becomes a more prominent feature. At the Tribal Gathering Tai-San performs a dance, but the results are rigged so she doesn't win the competition. When the virus reappears Tai-San remains calm, it is her suggestion that they go and find out as much about the virus as they can. Amber and Bray consider her idea and agree it is a good suggestion. They arrange for everyone to search government buildings and newspaper offices.

However, this was not what Tai-San had in mind, she doesn't believe science will help and accuses Amber of confusing knowledge with wisdom. Tai-San feels that they should go back to the 'old wisdom's', rather than putting their faith in science which created the virus in the first place. She develops a cough, which the others think could be a sign of the virus, refusing to take the antidote the others found on Hope Island she puts her trust in herbal remedies. She gets better. However, when Lex begins showing symptoms of the virus it turns out that she only had the flu. Tai-San 4

Tai-San 5 She goes on the journey to Eagle Mountain with the tribe, using her dreams to assist the expedition when Jack looses the map. After the explosion on Eagle Mountain, Tai-San helps hold the tribe together. She manages to create an antidote, keeping the formula a secret from the other tribe members. Although Lex attempts to seduce her their relationship is slow going. Tai-San becomes very close with Alice, whom she appoints her personal body guard. As Alice's feelings for Lex grow so do Tai-Sans. Lex admits to Alice that he is in love with someone else, Alice is distraught and goes to Tai-San for comfort.

This is when Tai-San admits that it is her Lex has feelings for, and that she reciprocates them. Lex asks Tai-San to marry him, and she agrees. In series two episode forty eight Tai-San and Lex have a joint wedding with Salene and Ryan performed by Trudy. To Tai-San's delight Alice comes and gives her blessing to the happy couple. At the beginning of series three Tai-San is amongst those held prisoner at the mall, she believes Lex to be dead. Although her grief turns to relief when the bodies are gone from the beach. The Guardian begins to doubt Trudy's commitment as Supreme Mother and is drawn to Tai-San's spirituality. Tai-San 6

Tai-San 7 She is later named as the True Supreme Mother when Trudy is labelled an imposter. Lex is distraught by this news and believes she is sleeping with the Guardian. When Lex attempts to kill the Guardian at Tai-San's coronation, she steps in front of the arrow, having had a dream about it. When the Guardian is finally captured and the Chosen are overthrown Tai-San helps take care of him. Her relationship with Lex is initially strained, but they manage to reconcile. After the Guardian escapes he asks Tai-San to go with him to help rebuild the Chosen, but she refuses.

Tai-San is captured by the Techno's at the beginning of series four. She later appears as a Techno, and helps Trudy get Brady back when she is taken away. Although she disappears again, having supposedly been deleted by Mega. Lex still continues to search for her. Tai-San 8

Tai-San's Style:

Written By: Nellallen

Tai-San Style 1 Tai-san's outfit for series one is a short purple cardigan material top. She also wears an orange and green doted skirt that patches together, under the skirt is a pair of dark purple tights worn just over the knees.

Tai- san next outfit for series two is another short brown top, with cross sleeves, the top has two yellow and black patches joined onto each side of the top where it covers the shoulders. Tai- san wears a long black and green skirt with a black ribbon that goes around the hips. The skirt also has a cream patch with a flower like pattern on it that sits over the black feather pattern that forms around the skirt. She wears a shell necklace with this outfit that sits tightly around her neck. Tai-San Style 2

Tai-San Style 3 Tai-san series three outfit is a purple corset that does up at the front, and a red coat with a creamy flower effect, this coat forms into a triangle as it sits across the stomach. The coat has a purple circulating pattern on top of the shoulders. She wears a pair of black pants that are complimented by a purple patch that sits around the hips, matching the corset.

Tai-san series four outfit is a black top with a black and silver patch across the chest. She also wears long black pants with this outfit. She is seen for a short moment also wearing a silver mask, but takes it off. She wears a set of headphones, and also has the same makeup symbol as the other Techno's, which is a red circle with T inside the center to symbolize that she is part of the Techno's. Her hair has been dyed blue and white making her stand out from other Techno's. Tai-San Style 4


The Tribe Universe Tribe Characters was compiled & created from October 2014 to April 2015. The Software for the Tribe Universe Tribe Characters was written by Bill Nilan (The Wizard).

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