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Top Hat

Written By: Pippa and updated/rewritten by Wizard
Images By: Nellallen

Top Hat 1 Top Hat is the leader of Tribe Circus. A showman or a madman?

Most people who have seen or heard of Top hat and Tribe Circus would say that he was a mixture of both and more! He is completely insane and a bit of a pyromaniac. He is obsessed with his Top Hat, which belonged to his father, who, was a circus festival performer as a fire dancer. His mother was a tattoo pin up model. He is very clever, but uses it in the wrong ways. He started tribe circus in a casino to get some profit.

When this didn't work he rigged all the games and the like, then didn't pay back the things he lost, just got rid of the winner. For him it was an all win situation. He has a wicked sense of humor which builds up most of the tribe. He has the ability to make people laugh and cry from his many talents. Top hat has his recognizable motorbike which he uses to get around town. After capturing KC, he learns the location of the Mallrats tribe and then he invades the mall. A fight between the Mallrats and Tribe Circus occurs, and Top Hat takes over the mall. Top Hat 2

Top Hat 3 He wanted food so he got the girls to cook them a 'victory feast' but if its food he wanted he had to keep his vermin under control. So when one of the tribe annoyed Trudy forcing her to hit him with a frying pan he made it his duty to get him back by hitting him again, but harder, but for a price ... a larger portion. He then attempts to rape Zandra. KC attacks him before he manages to do it. After getting angry at the Mall Rats, he orders them to be locked up before setting the mall on fire and abandoning them. Top hat is seen again when the Mallrats leave the city to find Eagle Mountain.

Lex and Ryan go on a revenge spree and end up stealing Top Hat's motorbike and Top Hat. The last time Top hat is seen in 'The Tribe' was in series two Top Hat is found wandering the Mall, infected with the virus, looking for his hat. But he disappears soon after. What happened to him, then we don't know but it is believed that Top hat is most likely dead from the virus. Top Hat 4

Top Hat's Style:

Written By: Pippa

Top Hat Style 1 Top hats style is that expected of a circus man. He has short hair that is covered with tin foil then with his 'Top hat' on top. He is very tall and slim. His make-up is silver and he wears a showman's suit.

Top hat has his own phrases: 'The shown must go on' and 'The circus is in town'


The Tribe Universe Tribe Characters was compiled & created from October 2014 to April 2015. The Software for the Tribe Universe Tribe Characters was written by Bill Nilan (The Wizard).

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Images by Patch.

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