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Written By: Trudy
Images By: Nellallen

trudy 1 If there was one thing Trudy always craved it was to be loved. And, from the moment she met him, Trudy knew it was Bray she truly wanted. But as the virus struck around them, faith brought her together with Bray's younger brother, Martin. Heartbroken to see that Bray had chosen to come to a school dance with Ebony, Trudy turned to Martin for love, affection and comfort. Yet, as the world around her was falling to pieces, she found out that one moment with Martin would have a bigger impact on her life, then she could have ever imagined.

Soon after the adults where gone, the sweet boy that had once been Martin had been replaced by his alter ego, Zoot, leader of the Loco's. Scared about her pregnancy Trudy decided to once again turn to Bray for help, who's comforting arms made her feel safe. Yet, as she reached the last weeks of her pregnancy, her old neighborhood became more and more unsafe, driving her and Bray into the city to find shelter. Luckily, Bray found the Mall, and though at first the vote was made that she could not stay there, the Mall Rats changed their mind once her water broke on their way out. Trudy 2

Trudy 3 With the help of Bray, Amber and Salene Trudys daughter was born. But soon after the birth, Trudy became very ill, and if it hadn't been for Dal, who managed to find her the right antibiotics, she would have died. Though she shows little interest in the little girl, it is still Bray she truly wants. Bray however, shows more interest in his niece and convinces Trudy to meet with Zoot. Yet, as Zoot was meeting his daughter for the first time, he was seen, and in a moment where he tried to protect Bray from Lex, fell over a banister and died. Though her first thought is that with Zoot gone, she and Bray can be a happy family, nothing seems less true.

Trudy gets extremely jealous when she sees Bray spending a lot of time with Salene, afraid he will prefer her. On Amber's suggestion she decides to name the baby, who she calls Brady, a combination of Bray and Trudy, to ensure that everyone will always remember the connection between them. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to have the effect she expected, leading a desperate Trudy to unsuccessfully try to commit suicide with sleeping pills. Afraid she is not the mother Brady needs, Trudy sets out with Dal to start a life outside the Mall, but soon realizes she belongs with her daughter. Trudy 4

Trudy 5 Unfortunately, the peace she found is short-lived, as during a lovely day outside, Brady gets snatched while Patsy is looking after her. After fruitless search parties, it is Ebony who finds out where Brady is. Pretending to just be helping get her daughter back, Trudy is led into the hands of the Guardian, who wants her to be the Supreme Mother of his 'Chosen' tribe. In order to save Lex and stay with her daughter, Trudy goes with the Chosen, getting more and more brainwashed by them as time goes by.

At the end of series two Trudy returns to the Mall Rats, claiming to have escaped the Chosen with Brady. Nothing seems less true, as it turns out the baby she has with her, is a boy. Threatened by the Guardian and his followers, Trudy leads the Mall Rats into the hands of the Chosen, causing terrible things to happen to many of them. Though many see her as evil, Trudy sees no other way, as she does what she has to in order to protect her daughter. After a failed attempt to secure her position in the Chosen, the Guardian orders her to be 'joined with Zoot'. Trudy 6

Trudy 7 With the help of the Chosen's lieutenant, Luke, she manages to escape her fate, but without her daughter by her side. Still suffering from the brainwashing and the fear for her daughter, Trudy is sent to live with the Gaians, for her own protection. Once she returns she seems much stronger then before, and is willing to fight to get her daughter back. Soon the Chosen are overthrown and Trudy feels like life might finally get back to normal. Yet as the Techno's invade, Trudy finds herself by Amber's side during the birth of Amber and Bray's son as Bray appears to have been taken away.

Realizing it is not safe to return to the city, the two young mothers travel to the Gaians, where Trudy stays until the Techno's eventually snatch Brady along with several other members of the Gaians. As Trudy frantically searches for Brady, Tai-San manages to reunite mother and child once again. Finally, things start to look up for Trudy again, while she and her daughter are happily living at the Mall, and she falls in love with Jay. But what seemed to start as an innocent romance, turns out to be yet more heartbreak for Trudy as Jay chooses Amber over her. Upset she turns to the Techno Mega, who uses Trudy's pain to his advantage. Trudy 8

Trudy 9 It isn't until Amber's life is endangered that the two girls manage to mend their friendship. Forced to leave the city due to Mega's evil schemes, Trudy and her daughter escape the city by boat, together with the rest of the Mall Rats.

Trudy's Style:

Written By: Trudy

Trudy Style 1 Before the virus hit, Trudy could be seen wearing her school uniform with a red skirt, blazer and bandanna, complimented with a white blouse on a daily basis. Even in her free time, at the school dance, she seems to prefer the color red, wearing a shiny low cut red dress combined with a red leather jacket. When the virus hits and Trudy finds herself pregnant, she cuts of her long hair, turning it into an uneven, but more practical bob. Not having to many options as a pregnant teenager, she starts wearing a wide, long, brown top combined with a green skirt and brown fluffy bolero jacket.

When she goes outside she also has a white and black striped poncho, held together with a brown belt. Not long after Zoot's death, Trudy switches her maternity wear for a leopard print top, which she combines with a longer brown off-the-shoulders shirt and green pants with slits at the knees. She can also be seen wearing her bolero jacket combined with a hooded see through cape. Eventually she grows out her hair a bit, often putting it in two short pigtails, and adds a bit of purple to it. Trudy Style 2

Trudy Style 3 When she first joins the Chosen, she is made to wear a long robe with wide sleeves, in a golden yellow, which seems to a more royal version of the colors the Chosen novices are made to wear. On her return to the Mall, she wears a green top with a leaf pattern on the top, combined with a dark skirt and a dark cloak. Her hair is shorter, and a darker purple in color. After she is revealed to be the Chosen's Supreme Mother, she switches to, what is seen by the Guardian, more traditional wear for her position.

The formerly worn golden yellow robe gets complimented by a red embroidered cape, and later she is seen in a blue and white dress made of a shiny yet sturdy silk-like fabric, which clearly shows her to be part of the Chosen. Feeling threatened by Tai-San in her position as Supreme Mother, she tries to win over the Guardian by dressing in an Asian style red dress with fishnet stockings under it. Unfortunately, the Guardian does not like the fact that Trudy puts herself on display like this, and with some help Trudy manages to escape the Chosen and her pending fate. Trudy Style 4

Trudy Style 5 After spending some time with the Gaians, Trudy returns with very short and spiky red and black hair while wearing a red dress with a huge silver belt with a black pattern on it, which she combines with a red and yellow jacket. As the Chosen are defeated, and the Mallrats try to celebrate, Trudy switches her outfit to a combination of red pants, a green shirt and a pink dress. After she and Amber are safely back in the Mall again, she starts wearing red pants combined with a black shirt and a green sleeveless top that has doesn't have equal sides. When she goes after the banished Bray and Amber, she combines this look with a warm coat.

As she returns to the Mall after Amber's been taken, Trudy has once again switched to a new look, this time a warm fluffy brown vest combines with a red and blue top above a blue leather skirt. She also wears a warm long coat in purple and brown. Later on, as we see her once again with the Gaians, Trudy switches to a green trench coat with black spots and buttons on it, which later reveals to have a bright purple top, a dark pink skirt, a black belt and red pants under it, complimented by a necklace made of seashells and a bracelet with wooden beads. Trudy Style 6

Trudy Style 7 At the end of the series, Trudy can be seen wearing a top made from bright purple velvet, and black lining on a blue jeans skirt. The outfit is complemented by a comfortable pair of Diesel shoes. By this time her hair has grown further out again and has returned to being black with some purple in it.


The Tribe Universe Tribe Characters was compiled & created from October 2014 to April 2015. The Software for the Tribe Universe Tribe Characters was written by Bill Nilan (The Wizard).

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