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Written By: Inci
Images By: Nellallen

Ved 1 Ved is Jay's brother and is about four years younger. Before the virus even occurred, their father was killed in a shooting. In their early childhood the brothers used to be close and since Ved was bullied at school Jay used to protect his brother, which Ved was grateful for back then. In those times he also discovered his interest in and talent for computers and technology. We first see Ved, aged between fourteen and sixteen years old, when the Technos conquer the city at the beginning of season four. Holding a special place in the Technos hierarchy, Ved is a Commander.

He is very talented with programming and Ram favors him, giving him unlimited access to the limited power supply. Much to his brother's dismay, Ram is a mentor to Ved and has a lot more influence on him than Jay. Commander Ved enjoys having control of people and scaring them. He thinks that 'virts' are low-lives and that the Technos should rule them. While his brother Jay would like a peaceful conquering, Ved would prefer for the city people to put up a fight and to oppress them with the Technos superior weapons. When the Mallrats show up at the Technos headquarters Ved is disappointed in the resistance the city is putting up. Ved 2

Ved 3 He tries to show off and in the end shoots Lex with his zapper, starting a rather hateful correlation. During the first part of season four Ved mainly enjoys power games against city kids, trying to make an example of what happens to people that disrespect the Technos. Jay manages to intervene most of the time though. Concerning the Technos, Ved's focus is later onset on creating a virtual reality, running labs, recruiting players and sometimes even public relations. Ved starts a relationship with the Mallrat Cloe, which goes through a lot of ups and downs.

Highlights worth mentioning are probably the times when Cloe puts him in his rightful place, giving his ego some well needed setbacks. One of these such times is when he ends up in the middle of the casino wearing nothing but a diaper and holding on to Cloe's old teddy bear. Cloe also steals his password after he dumps her because of a pregnancy scare and teaches him that a 'no' is a 'no'. But they also have good times at the beach, at the casino, or during zapper-lessons and Cloe feels deeply sorry for stealing Ved's password when she realizes that the password is her name. Ved 4

Ved 5 In the end they seem to have found a way of leading a decent relationship, which is not something Ram approves of. Cloe gets stuck in virtual reality after getting scanned and all of Ved's tries to get her back from Ram, even a light saber fight with his mentor, are of no avail. Throughout season four Ved's relationship to Jay degrades more and more as their different views on the techno's and Ram's plans drive them apart. At first it seems to be some kind of jealousy and one-sided competition, but in the end the brothers hardly talk anymore. Ved is deeply concerned about his brother's well-being when Jay quits the Technos.

Jay is turned into an outlaw by Ram, and Ved chooses to remain with the Technos. Ved does show one spark of goodwill though when he unexpectedly shows up at the Mall right before Jay quits and tells him that fewer people, then Ram thinks are scanned for the game and that resistance is still rather strong. When we last see Ved he is doubting Ram and his orders, but works on the 'Paradise' program nonetheless. It's hard to tell if he'd now leave the Technos since he already copped out once, but his change doesn't go unnoticed and by the time when Jay returns from the Eco tribe Ved is gone and Mega claims he doesn't know where he is. Ved 6

Ved 7 At the beginning of season five Jay finds Ved's name among the 'deleted' and assumes that his brother is dead. Later on Lex gets information that 'deleted' does not necessarily mean 'dead'.

Ved's Style:

Written By: Inci

Ved Style 1 Ved's hair is short and peroxide blond just like his brothers. He is wearing the Technos black uniform and their face paint. As a commander he has two red stripes on his cheek. He once wore a different outfit which he kept from the time before he and Jay joined the Technos to a date with Cloe.


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